Graphite PTFE Packings

Graphite PTFE Packing

Black Graphite PTFE packing without any oil - FEITE Sealing Packings Series- Made in China FeiteSeal - Graphite PTFE packing ring is available

Graphited PTFE Packing with Oil

Graphited PTFE Packing with Oil, braided from 100% gPTFE yarns, and re-impregnated with a silicone lubricant with density about 1.6g/cm3. It is also economical gPTFE Packing - FEITE Sealing Packings Series - Made in China FeiteSeal - gPTFE Packing Ring is available.

gPTFE Filament Packing

gPTFE Filament Packing , graphited LENMENS yarn is high strength PTFE filament LENMENS pretreated with graphite impregnation. The characteristics are similar to high quality graphite PTFE Packing, it almost suits for most of chemical media. It is new style.

Graphite PTFE Packing with Silicone Rubber Core

Graphite PTFE Packing with Silicon Rubber Core, Braided from from pure expanded PTFE yarn with graphite powder and silicon rubber core.