Vegetable Fiber Packings

Cotton Fiber Packing with Grease

Cotton Fiber Packing with Grease, Pre-impregnated, twisted cotton yarns, intensively re-impregnated during braiding. Flexible and elastic, easy to handle, It's an economical packing for the limits of application stated.

Ramie Fiber Packing

Ramie Fiber Packing, Highest quality ramie fiber impregnated with light-colored, special PTFE and inert lubricant during square plaiting operation. It can prevent product contaminated. Low maintenance, easy to control, it is not harsh on shafts and stems.

Ramie Packing with graphite & oil impregnation

Ramie Packing with graphite & oil impregnation, Square braided construction, graphite coated and mineral oil lubricated throughout. Ramie Fiber Packing

Cotton Packing with Graphite & oil

Cotton Packing with Graphite & oil, Pre-impregnated cotton yarns treated with graphite, then thoroughly re-impregnated during braiding. The packing is resilient and flexible.

Flax Packing with Grease

Flax Packing with Grease, Square braided construction, vaseline coated and special grease lubricated throughout. Flax Fiber Packing, Vegetable Fiber Packings