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PTFE Balls

PTFE Balls is made from our high quality PTFE Teflon material,they are well suited for industrial applications that require an inert, chemically resistant ball, with the purity,specific gravity and wide operating temperature ranges of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) that other plastic balls materials don't provide. Applications include PTFE balls used in chemical handling pumps, check valves, ball bearings, volume displacement balls for chemical baths and many other uses.


Molded PTFE Robs;Glass Filled PTFE Robs;Carbon Fiber Filled PTFE Robs;Bronze Filled PTFE Robs;


Types of PTFE Tubes;Moulded PTFE Tube;Glass Filled PTFE Tube;Carbon Fiber Filled PTFE Tube;Bronze Filled PTFE Tube;Graphite Filled PTFE Tube