Carbon Fiber Packing

Black Carbon Fiber Packing is braided from the strong carbon continuous yarns after softening - FEITE Sealing Packings Series - Made in China FeiteSeal - Carbon Fiber Packing Ring is available.

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DESCRIPTION: FEITESEAL P240 Carbon Fiber Packing

Braided from strong carbon continuous yarns after softening, impregnated with proprietary lubricants and graphite particles, which fill voids, act as a break-in lubricant, and block leakage.


To be used as packing material for stuffing boxes of pumps or valves in high pressure and high temperature application. To be used as stand-alone packing or in combination with GRAPHITE RING as anti-extrusion ring. In combination with pure graphite ring it presents the perfect seal for dry-running equipment like ventilators and fans.

Handle water, steam, acids and alkalis for power stations, refineries, boiler plants etc.
Seats quickly, break-in without extensive adjustments.
Graphite Packing is commonly used in steam turbines, high temperature motor-actuated valves and for high pressure, high temperature valve application in general.

Carbon Fiber Packing


Pressure:     Rotating 25 bar | Reciprocating 100 bar | Static 200 bar
Shaft Speed:     20 m/s
Density:    1.4 g/cm3
Temperature:     -50~+650°C
PH range:    1~13


Any sizes in coils of 5 to 10 kg, other weight on request.

P240r – Carbon Fiber Packing Ring is available.


The pic of Carbon Fiber Packing Ring